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Dear worshipers of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, on our website—Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sinj—we have opened a new page titled “300th Anniversary of the Coronation,” where we will post relevant materials throughout this year, in which we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the image of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj (1716 – 2016). A great celebration of this jubilee will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2016.


On this page, our visitors will quickly and easily obtain the needed information to learn about the preparation process for the celebration. This information will also walk visitors through the long and glorious history of the people of Sinj and Cetina, who over and over again tuned to their heavenly mother. That’s how it was on September 22, 1716 when the Archbishop of Split, Cupilli, crowned the picture of Our Lady with a golden crown, that the officers had made in gratitude for the victory over the Turkish forces, in the year of our Lord 1715. A testament of faith still obliges us today, one that even after 300 years, we still run to our Mother with hope that through our lives, in faith and moral, we contribute daily to the progress of our families and our homeland of Croatia. Therefore, it is our deepest wish that within this jubilee celebration of the people of Sinj and the Cetina region, all dear devotees of Our Lady of Sinj replenish their spirits form the source of life, which is God, because “the glory of God—is man fully alive, and the life of a man is the vision of God.” (St. Irenaeus). A live renewal in the form of a jubilee celebration is the greatest gift we can give to our Lady, who was the first and most faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

Our wish is that the incentives directed on this website enter, in a special way, into homes throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, reaching the same people Our Lady expressed great closeness to during critical times. Therefore, we invite you to contribute to this effort with your suggestions, initiatives and materials, and that together we write in golden letters in the book of spiritual history of the Croatian people. In addition to our website, we will intensively present the spiritual heritage of the sanctuary of Sinj on our other platforms.

 Stay tuned! Peace and Goodwill!


 (translated by Danijela Grubišić)

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Updated: 3. 5. 2016.